Heads Up, Blog Ending

Postcard1December 17, 2015 was the first post on this blog, so the domain is about to expire, since I was setting it up for a month or so in advance. I had thought there was a niche that needed to be filled with linkys for all those wonderful projects we make of Jenny’s. However, I haven’t seemed to access that audience very well, because there are rarely any links made.

Postcard2It’s okay, because sometimes we think something will be a great service and it turns out to be a dud idea. I’m not upset about it at all, but I’m also not willing to pay for another year when this one didn’t accomplish much of anything.

3PostcardbTo the 59 people who follow the blog, thank you for being here through the short journey! I still post all my embroidery and hexagons and wool work on CQ4Fun, a free WP blog. That has taken a hit this month, since I was sick for two weeks, and recovering from the medication for another week. Things are starting to pick up, though, and if you are interested in seeing my stitching, and you don’t follow me there, you can if you want.

As my son always says, “So long and thanks for all the fish.” LOL

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All Embroidery Linky #9

It’s time for the second linky of the month. Link any stitchery by any designer, or no designer at all! It must be a hand stitchery, including XS, CQ, stitchery, primitive, even wool. Here’s something I sewed this week, and it isn’t finished, which is also okay. Progress is good to follow!


Emperor’s Wives #2

Now it’s your turn!

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CQJP2016: Updated on May Block

Linking with Jenny Linky #8 on Stitch-in Days.

Here’s how the block looks today. I’m very happy with it!


The tree in the upper left isn’t finished yet. I think what I’m adding is enhancing the stitchery in the middle, so I hope to still feel that way when the last few seams are finished!

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Jenny Linky #8

Jenny has really been posting beautiful things for us to make … and so many free patterns. I really love the Mother Teresa quote that will be in the September Stitchery Club package.

I’ve been getting in a little more embroidery as I finish projects, but haven’t done much new for a while.

Please link up any post on a Jenny of Elefantz pattern you have finished, or are working to finish, or are planning to start!

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All Embroidery Linky #7

It’s time for the link up of ANY hand embroidery or cross stitching you are doing. You do not have to show a finished project; work in progress is lovely to see!

I’ve been trying and trying to get to my embroidery, but it’s very hard to find time lately! My son had a terrible MRSA infection, and I learned that is one scary thing. Don’t delay seeing a doctor if you get one!

I’m showing a photo from my old blog, just because I like it! This set of snowmen is still not finished, but I have hopes it will be someday!


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